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That must mean you want to be successful in the business of Real Estate Sales! Good for you. If you're a veteran, then you're especially welcome. You know how frustrating having a roller coaster income can be. Finding good buyer and sellers and all the "hats" you need to wear to get paid! My proven system has cost me thousands of dollars and hours for preparation to get to this point and now I need help. All of my leads are warm leads - they have asked for something, a list of homes, or a show, or a price (value) for their home. Something - most of the time real estate related. Sometimes, a pre approval. I can't do it all!

Now I could quit and go back to the old way of real estate sales: floor duty, open houses, begging for business, or I could ask you for help.

I'm looking for someone who can use a data base, show homes and list property. I have a buyer's presentation and a seller's presentation that can be copied and works very well. As with any Real Estate position, it takes some time to fill your "pipeline" so be ready to start today and get paid when your first sale closes. If you don't have several months to work with without a commission check, please don't respond. I have an agent who does all the back end work once you do the sale as well as marketing during the process of selling. I have an in house lender at the office who pre approves all prospects before you meet with them and a title company who has your back! They are so good I only go to closing when they are not the closing agent! When I use them I am paid at closing! No waiting for a check.

If you're new to the business, then that requires you to ramp up really quick because I need results and you do too!

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